Webcam updates every five minutes, with a delay of up to four minutes.


Weather page for Hemmestad in Norwegian
Weather page for Hemmestad in English


2024.04.08 - New weather station data OK! 2024.03.21 - Added link to the new weewx weather sensor page, currently under development. The weewx weather station has an issue with wind measurements, investigation ongoing. 2024.01.23 - Temporarily removed weather link, due to weather sensor faliure. 2023.07.02 - Added a link to a time lapse made from the camera. 2023.03.26 - Weather station data loss, of over 6 hours 24 of March, due to power outage caused by Noranett / HLK. 2023.03.22 - Changed camera, from a "Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2", to a Reolink RLC-510WA. Resolution of photo is 2560x1920, but displayed as 1280x960. Update interval is set down to 5 minutes. 2022.12.17 - Changed resolution of photo from 760x570 to 1280x962 2022.10.02 - Darkened the web page 2022.07 - Sharpened image 2022.02.10 - Added https, removed weather underground swf 2021.02.12 awe